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We're celebrating Motivational Growth's 10-Year Anniversary, and YOU'RE invited!!!

PUFF celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the underseen gross-out cult movie, MOTIVATIONAL GROWTH, on Thursday, September 28th at 9:30 PM.

Intro and Q&A with Director: Don Thacker, Star: Adrian Digiovanni and Featured Guest: Pete Giovagnoli.

For more info about this Festival, check out PUFF's website for details!

Aaaannnddd, JUST ANNOUNCED...PUFF's first After Party

will be an Encore screening and celebration of Motivational Growth. 

Snag After Party tickets while they're still available here!

Motivational Growth is coming to the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival!

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Here's the lowdown...

"His name was Kent. He was my Television set."

    -Ian B. Folivor (the "B." stands for "Brady")

We're really excited to celebrate this amazing milestone... We couldn't have done it without you! 

So, you're invited to hang with us at the Philadelphia Unnamed Footage Festival (SO cool, we know!!)

Check out our events and links below to get your tickets to the Thursday, September 28th showing and the Sunday, October 1st Encore screening + After Party!

10th Anniversary Showing of Motivational Growth with Intro and Q&A by Don Thacker, Adrian DiGiovanni and Pete Giovagnoli.

"You should really consider getting a plasma."
-Strange Man

Celebrate the closing night
of PUFF8 with an encore screening of MOTIVATIONAL GROWTH for its 10th anniversary, live music, food & drink!

Make sure to follow us on Social Media for all updates!

"Good morning sunshine."
-The Mold

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